Exhibits & Events


At BUEI, we work hard to amaze, excite and educate every visitor.

Our exhibits are designed to leave you with a new understanding and appreciation of the world's oceans, their beauty and power, their diversity in plant and animal life and their importance to the very survival of our planet.

The overarching theme of our exhibits is the interrelationship of people and the ocean. Those who visit BUEI learn through the exhibits that the ocean is a living, ever-evolving entity that needs to be explored, studied, cared-for and protected. BUEI remains uniquely qualified to enhance the public's understanding, appreciation and knowledge of the ocean because it is the only public institution that focuses directly on the deep ocean and on all the disciplines of marine science, exploration and research.

BUEI’s International Advisory Board are engaged in innovative and cutting edge ocean research, contribute to BUEI's position as an important venue through which new research and knowledge is brought to the public, the schools of Bermuda and to scientists in other disciplines around the world.